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      » 11 January Yolngu Nations Aboriginal Corporation, Madayin Law and Yolngu Tribal Governance
      » Brisbane Open House 8 October
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      » Book Launch - Making Mala
      » Wild Australia - Grafton Opening
      » Special Weekend Opening 6-7 May
      » Critical Approaches to Museums and Heritage seminar series
      » Indigenous Design Place seminar 15 March
      » Seminar 21 October: Wrecks and Relics: Emerging Heritage in Solomon Islands
      » Seminar 23 September: A pity you didn’t wing him: gender, sexuality and race in colonial Tulagi, Solomon Islands
      » Curator panel talk 2 September: Solomon Islands: re-enchantment and the colonial shadow
      » Working Papers in Anthropology Semester 2
      » Seminars: Critical Approaches to Museums and Heritage
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      » Anthropology Museum lends garamut drum to Remembrance Day Service at QUT
      » Special Public Lecture: Stanley Kubrick and Western Cosmology
      » Desert Animations: Screening and Discussion
      » Women with Clever Hands past and present Curator's talk
      » Women with Clever Hands past and present - Weaving demonstration
      » Seminar: Chicago and the Field Museum of Natural History: A Gateway to Pacific Anthropology
      » Beating MND – A garamut ceremony
      » Mining, Materiality and Cultural Heritage: A one-day symposium at The University of Queensland
      » Anthropology seminar: 'Musical Landscapes of Lihir: Curator's talk'
      » School of Social Science seminar series: The More I Look, the More I See
      » Ethnographic Film Session
      » Pacific Perspectives: Issues of Curatorial Practice Seminar
      » UQ Art Museum public lecture Western Desert art: another story
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      » BIENNIAL ANTHROPOLOGY PUBLIC LECTURE 2014 Presented by Professor Howard Morphy
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