Thursday 23 November

4:00 to 5:00pm

Anthropology Museum, Level 1 Michie Building (9)

Ethnographic museums have undergone major changes over the last two decades. No longer ossified institutions with a colonial image, ethnographic museums have rebranded themselves as sites of anthropological critique and, in some cases, as museums of world culture or even dropping the name ‘ethnographic’ altogether.

In this open forum we will ask the question: do ethnographic museums need anthropology? If so, in what new directions can anthropology push ethnographic collections? Whom should ethnographic museums serve? What should they contain? We are interested to discuss anthropological methods in museums, exploring the kinds of knowledge that lie behind acts of labelling and ordering, and displays related to research and field-work.

The forum will help inform how the UQ Anthropology Museum might consider the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Followed by a reception at the Anthropology Museum.



Forum Presenters:


Robert Mason, Griffith University



Michael Aird, Research Fellow in Anthropology, School of Social Science, UQ

Ruth McDougall, Curator of Pacific Art, QAGOMA

Graeme Were, Anthropology Museum Director, UQ








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