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ngali wanthi “we search together...”

Research symposium and Kirrenderri Heart of the Channel Country

exhibition catalogue and education resources launch

Saturday 4 June 2022

Kirrenderri, the Heart of the Channel Country is renowned as an intersection for Aboriginal trade networks that connect the continent. Revelations of the age and scale of sites in this landscape press for a reimagining of the deep history of this country. These historic landscapes hold the stories of some of Australia’s most complex ancient trade and exchange networks, sites which clearly illustrate production on an industrial scale at one of the largest Aboriginal quarry sites in the world, offering evidence of food harvesting, storage, trade, and village style settlements.

This exhibition explores the complex interconnectedness of generations of Channel Country people, encompassing 130 years of stories, beginning with accounts by the author Alice Duncan-Kemp to the contemporary lived experiences of Mithaka Aboriginal people.

Presenting key findings produced as part of extensive cultural mapping research instigated by the Mithaka Aboriginal Corporation, with contributions by a collaborative research team from University of Queensland, Griffith University, University of New England and The Australian National University.


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ngali wanthi “we search together...”

Sat 4 Jun 2022 10:00am5:00pm


Mod-West General (#118),
Level 1, Room 111,
Mill Road,
University of Queensland Saint Lucia campus
Morning Session 10:00am – 12:00pm

Tom Griffiths

Mulka-mukana: the story of a peace ceremony on Mithaka lands in 1889 and why it matters today

Michael Westaway

An evolving investigation of the Mithaka landscape

Doug Williams

The scale of sandstone mining and grindstone production in Mithaka Country. An overview of research on sandstone quarries in Channel Country

Afternoon Session 1:00-4:00pm

Nathan Wright

Mithaka gunyah excavations: Investigations of a Mithaka home and daily life

Kelsey Lowe

Magnetic mapping on the Mithaka landscape: recent outcomes and interpretations

Geoff Ginn and Richard Martin

People and stories: cultural landscapes, anthropology and history

Natalie Franklin and Phillip Habgood

Gilparrka Almira rock art site

George Gorringe

Discussion with Mithaka Elders and Kirrenderri Co-Curators Shawnee Gorringe

and Tracey Hough about the latest developments on Mithaka Country

Peter Hiscock

Closing remarks


Official launch of the Kirrenderri, Heart of the Channel Country Exhibition Catalogue and Education Resources 4:00 – 5:00pm

With George Gorringe and Joshua Gorringe, and exhibition co-curators Shawnee Gorringe and Tracey Hough


Mandana Mapar
3365 1215