About Queensland Aboriginal Creations: Agency and Legacy - Upcoming tours 2021

We're open again!

Join museum staff on free guided tours of the exhibition Queensland Aboriginal Creations: Agency and Legacy, introducing key highlights and significant artworks.

O-Week tours (15-19 February):

Monday to Thursday at 11am and 1pm
Friday at 11am only

Special Saturday opening times with guided tours at 1pm:

Saturday 27 March
Saturday 24 April
Saturday 29 May

Queensland Aboriginal Creations: Agency and Legacy showcases over 150 works from a fascinating point in the State’s history. A government department and its retail arm, launched in 1959, became highly influential in the production of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and craft. The exhibition celebrates the innovation of the artists and communities that responded to this influence with radical creativity. Presenting key works by artists from the Torres Strait Islands, Kowanyama, Pormpuraaw, Mornington Island, Hope Vale, Cairns, Yarrabah, Cherbourg and Brisbane.

The exhibition is open to the public 11am-3pm Monday to Friday. Free entry.