Few midden site complexes offer as important opportunites as the Clybucca-Stuarts Point mounded middens to understand how Aboriginal people responded to changing sea levels in the Holocene epoch (the last 11,700 years after the end of the Ice Age). UQ has commenced a new investigation of this remarkable landscape, and while similar research abroad often leads to important initiatives around archaeological tourism, we seldom see such initiatives in Australia. I will discuss our research to date in this landscape and explore the great potential of these sites for cultural tourism and education programs, ideally driven by the Aboriginal custodians of the area.

Michael Westaway is an Associate Professor at the University of QUeensland and is interested in the intersectio between archaeology and biology with a research focus on the archaeology of ancient Australia and Papua New Guinea.

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Anthropology Museum,
Level 1, Michie Building (#9),
The University of Queensland St Lucia campus.