Voices of Our Elders: Aboriginal Story Tellers

26 February - November 2024

Woven baskets attributed to Nuningah (Rose Martin), colledted from Myora Missions c.1917, UQ Anthropology Museum collection
Woven baskets attributed to Nuningah (Rose Martin), collected from Myora Mission c.1917,
Anthropology Museum Collection

For many years there was a misconception that Aboriginal cultures were at risk of disappearing. While many aspects have changed, Aboriginal cultures today are thriving. This exhibition documents just a few Aboriginal people that have contributed to recording and maintaining history and culture.

Everybody has a story to tell, and these images and objects reveal stories of individuals who saw a need to document what was around them and continue strength and pride in Aboriginal cultures. They are people who have lived through times of enormous change. We should be proud of these story tellers, for they are Our Elders.

Banner image:  Five body paint styles, overpainted photographs, Brisbane 1956, UQ Anthropology Museum Collection. Teaser image: Woven baskets and Paul Tripcony | Brisbane 1920s | Photo by Sydney Riley | Paul Tripcony Collection | Courtesy Fryer Library.